Wood with Passion

Linea Arredo

We create Linea Arredo thinking of each space of your home: living room, kitchen, bedroom, inside and outside spaces. Our home accessories will give a dash of imagination and style to your home.
The design and production of our products are completely Made in Italy and all objects are created using birch wood and non-toxic paints.

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Linea Fantasia

We have been creating wooden products for 30 years: hangers, lamps, night lights, photo frames, toothbrushes holders, milk tooth holders, pencils holders, height measures, clocks and several other decorations and creative objects. Our aim has always been to transform usual objects in fairytales.

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The wood processing is made in an handicraft way, using only birch wood and our colors are made with non- toxic paints in order to respect the environment, nature and people. All the production process takes place in our laboratory in San Clemente (RN).

A hint of fantasy in your house

Aracne Italy wooden home accessories

Our company, with more than 30 years of experience gained in this field, realize home accessories in birch wood for children bedroom, living room, kitchen, inside and outside spaces. Our lines include several objects such as: clocks, pendulum clocks, country plaques, key hangers, hangers, night lamps, night lights, photo frames, toothbrush holders, pencil holders, plaques and measures height for children bedrooms. The design of our products is developed in-house and our designers work together with professionals of the field to improve and enhance our production.


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